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Christmas and End-Of-Year Celebration: 3 Ideas Amidst COVID-19

This year, it will most probably be impossible to have a Christmas party or celebration event to thank employees for their hard work and dedication throughout 2020. But that doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do to reward your teams! Here are three celebration ideas to close the year with a bang, recognize the efforts of your staff and keep spirits up in these difficult times.

Idea #1: Organize a Virtual Company Party

Why not organize a virtual celebration? Online events can be engaging and fun too, especially if you add in some elements such as games, costumes or music. Here are a few ways to create a fun virtual celebration:

  • Choose a theme and ask each employee to dress accordingly, for example with something red
  • Have an ice breaker at the start of the party, such as the famous “two truths and one lie”
  • Invite each participant to prepare their favorite drink in advance
  • Ask your employees if they would like to get involved, playing some music if they have an instrument at home, singing a song or creating an online quiz or blind test for colleagues
  • Review the year together and focus on achievements and positive events
  • Avoid long speeches from management and use visual elements such as images and videos
  • Consider sending employees a party kit beforehand with some nibbles and accessories.

Idea #2: Send a Gift to Your Employees

There’s nothing like a gift to lift spirits! If you usually held a Secret Santa, you could instead consider a virtual gift for all employees such as a gift voucher or a restaurant coupon. There are many options depending on your budget. At Sodexo, we can advise you and help you pick the right solution to surprise and please your teams.

Vouchers provide flexibility and employees can choose how and when to spend them. It will make the experience more personalized and more memorable. In addition, in 2020, many households experienced a loss of income due to the crisis. Offering a voucher can help employees indulge on something they couldn’t afford otherwise.

Idea #3: Create an Emotional End-of-year Video

2020 was a year like no other. Working from home was not always easy, creating mental health challenges for many. More than ever, it is important to celebrate successes, while acknowledging difficulties. The creation of an emotional end-of-year video is a great way to recognize your staff’s commitment and dedication in unprecedented circumstances.

While a video will not replace a face-to-face end-of-year event, hugs and handshakes, it allows to bring to life your company culture and values and say thank you. Include pictures of your teams to show that you value their contribution. Employees will be grateful and it will create a lasting impression.

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We hope these three ideas will help you prepare for the end of the year and leverage this opportunity to demonstrate to your people how much you care about them and their well-being!

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